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Absolute Mortgage Processing exists for one primary reason - to help loan originators "Close More Loans". The more we can assist in the processing and closing of loans, the more time you have to originate more business for both of us.

Processing Flow Chart

1. Receipt of FILE

  • Within 24 hours, an e-mail confirmation will be sent letting you know the file has been received and logged into your pipeline.
  • You will immediately be notified if any information is missing that may delay the submission of your loan.

    2. Prep time for Lender
  • Order all Verifications needed.
  • Order Appraisal.
  • Order Title.
  • Permitted the above documentation is not required for submission, the loan will be shipped at this time.

    3. Conditions Received
  • Once the conditions are received, your processor will call you to review conditions and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Absolute Mortgage Processing will order and clear all of these conditions unless otherwise stated by broker.
  • The conditions will sent to the lender to be cleared.

    4. Clear to Close
  • A fee sheet is required at this time. We will fill out all the tedious information but we do require you to sign before sending it to lender.
  • Absolute Mortgage Processing will schedule the closing with all the parties involved, unless otherwise stated by broker.
  • We will ensure all information needed for the closing is provided to the appropriate parties.
  • Absolute Mortgage Processing will obtain a copy of the Pre-HUD and e-mail it to you for review.

    5. Funding
  • Absolute Mortgage Processing follows the closings until all the funding conditions have been meet and ensures proper disbursement of payments. A Notification e-mail will be sent after funding is confirmed.
  • Upon completion, the closed loan package will be shipped back to the broker. If you would like this to be on CD, there will be a additional charge for this service.

    We pride ourself on fast closings. If we have any delays beyond our control such as: non-cooperative borrower, third party vendor delay, or lender delay you are immediately notified. We believe time is of the essence. In the end, we only get paid when the loan closes so our interest is perfectly aligned with yours.

    Other Services

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