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At Absolute Mortgage Processing, we understand that processing is not the only time consuming issue an originator deals with on a daily basis so we have provided other services to our brokers.

Product Placement Service

On your behalf, we will run LP, DO and AUS with 3 of your preferred lenders-$75

Construction to Perm Assistance

Do you shy away from construction to perm loans? Many brokers are missing out on the “builder's market” because they just don't feel comfortable originating and selling CTP Loans. Let one of our experienced CTP staff guide you through the whole process from start to finish. After a few funded loans, you will wonder why you let this market slip through your pockets.
What we do:

  • We will provide you with a list of questions to ask your potential CTP borrower.
  • We will help you place the loan with the product and program best suited to your borrower's needs.
  • We will help you determine which lock option is best for your borrower and guide you through selling the lock and product.
  • We will complete your 1003, GFE and TIL based on the program you and your borrower choose.
  • We will run your AUS for you.
  • We will provide you with all the appropriate documents to have signed by borrower and builder.
          This keeps you from having to keep going back to both parties to have additional documents signed.
  • If your builder is not approved with lender, we will send in all the appropriate builder information to lender to get them approved.
  • We will then process your CTP.

  • This services requires an upfront non-refundable fee of $150 in addition to a $495 processing fee charged to the borrower or seller on the HUD. After you have closed a few CTP loans you will be a pro and no longer need our front end assistance.

    Mentoring-Support for New Brokers/Loan Officers

    Our loan processing service is not just good for veteran brokers and lender, it is also ideal for the novice loan officer or broker who needs a lot of handholding through the process of actually closing a file from the time they have an application in hand.

    A dedicated Senior Processor with many years of experience in the industry will walk you through the progress of your loan from the time you initiate contact with borrower through closing.

    Although we do not select lenders or products for you we can frequently recommend lenders and products that might suit a particular loan scenario.

    Please call for details and pricing!!

    Mortgage Processing Services

    When it absolutely needs to be done right....You need to call the ABSOLUTE best at (803) 217-0249.
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